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We hope this update has been helpful and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Regards,

Coach Morton- Go Strykers!

Hi Strykers Parents,

We had an exciting and eventful soccer weekend!

Strykers Gold Team Progresses

The Strykers Gold team battled through 4 games, winning two and almost winning the 4th.  The boys played hard, and showed progress as players and a team from beginning to the end of the tournament.

Strykers Blue Wins Tournament

The Blue team fought 4 challenging, but exciting games. After a scare in the semifinals, trailing 0-2, they persevered and stopped their opponent (The Untouchables) dead in their tracks. They came back from behind and scored 5 unanswered goals in an amazing comeback to win 5-2. This was indeed a confidence booster for the players. In the final, they fought a nail biter. After a tied game, they scored the winning goal in the second “sudden death” overtime, winning the game to the sound of cheering parents, teammates and observers.

Upcoming Schedule of Events

  1. 1.Registration for fall is due June 22nd! We will be sending a correspondence to you very soon about how to complete this process.

  1. 2.Summer Soccer Performance Training Camp. This starts June 24th. See below how to signup. Many Strykers players have already signed up. This will be helpful for well-rounded development and coordination for soccer and all sports.

  1. 3.Are you on the team? Yes! All Strykers players who played with the organization this Spring, will be asked to return. We will offer tryouts informally during summer practices for possible new players (see below) and possibly a formal one as well later this summer. If you will NOT return (as a courtesy), please let us know ASAP so we can plan to fill your spot quickly. Also, we may have room for a few more players, and if you have friends who may be interested in playing on our teams, please have them email us ASAP. Time is moving quickly. Click here to email us.

  1. 4.Summer Practices? Yes, we will be offering casual practices approximately 1x per week (probably Wednesdays around 630). We will let you know the exact time and when these will start very soon.

Mhairi Morton: Administrator

(Blue & Gold Teams), Team Manager

(Gold Team), Team manager (Blue Team)

Contact: Mhairimorton@xfitsports.com


Strykers Administrative Contacts:

Chris Morton: Head Coach (Blue & Gold Teams), Trainer and Speed & Agility Specialist

(Blue & Gold Teams)

Contact: Chris@xfitsports.com

Rafael Zambrano: Assistant Coach, Team Fundraising    

(Blue & Gold Teams) for Spring and

Fall 2013.

Click here to ask a questionmailto:info@xfitsports.com?subject=A%20Question%20About%20EFSmailto:info@xfitsports.com?subject=A%20Question%20About%20EFSshapeimage_5_link_0

Strykers Early Bird: $170

Before June 10th

Soccer Performance & SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness: Ages 9-12)

June 24-28, 2013


Regular Pricing: $200


Performance Camp Location

EFS Training Science Sports Performance Center

1600 Dell Avenue, Suite C

Campbell, Ca 95008


Program / Camp




$170 (special discount price for Strykers players only)

After June 10th

“Believer” in EFS Performance Training

Ian Russell- Earthquakes Asst. Coach, Former Earthquakes Player

We will continue to emphasize this as part of their total development for the players.

We will also have a soccer performance camp available for them to participate in this summer and the Strykers players will have access to this at a specially discounted price. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity for the boys to experience this soccer performance camp. The registration information is below.

Furthermore, if you are interested in our other sports performance classes or private lessons, feel free to inquire at the link here: More performance programs.

coming soon!

June 3, 2013

Stryker Blue Team after coming in 1st place at the District Cup

Stryker Gold Team after coming in 4th place at the District Cup

Strykers Coaches celebrating and congratulating each other after an action packed weekend at the District Cup!

Once again, it is our goal that the kids develop not only as soccer players, but also as young boys demonstrating hard work, commitment, team work and ethics. We feel we have seen growth in these areas, and hope you have as well. We will always try to emphasize the full development of the player, including physical, psychosocial and moral.

Thank you parents for all of your support. We appreciate it!

Best Regards,

Coach Morton


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