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Male: 20 Yard Dash

Male 13 & 14

Male 15 & 16

Male 17 & 18

Jamie Lancastle

Grant Napier

Anthony MaldonaldoNL0006.html

JJ Goulden

Pioneer HS

2.78 Sec

2.57 Sec

2.42 Sec

2.49 Sec

EFS Overall Record Holder

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1,2 over Back12overBack.html
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Straddle HoopStradHoop.html
20 Yard Shuttle Run20YSRB2.html

Travis Driskell

Whittier College

2.47 Sec

10 Yard Dash10YDash.html
40 Yard Dash40YDash.html
Vertical JumpJump.html

Male 12 & Under

Male 19 & Over

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The objective of this test is to assess the athlete's ability to accelerate and approach a peak that is near top human running speed.

Top human speed is usually attained at approximately 60 yards for elite level athletes. This corresponds with the bodies ATP-Creatine energy system.  In studying “bio-energetics” (the bodies various energy systems), we find that the ATP-Creatine system provides us with approximately 6 seconds of high intensity (high quality) energy.  Through proper training, this energy system can store more creatine (naturally), and replenish creatine levels faster. This adaption can lead to greater speed, and a the ability to repeat high speed movements with little quality degradation.

The EFS Training System is designed to equip athletes to run a faster in the 40 yard dash, as well as the most common sports-relevant distances (10 and 20yd dash, etc...).

Its not a question wether or not an athlete will improve with our system. Our training system provides them with a solution they can rely on. The proof is in our results.

Speed Test
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20 Yard Dash
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