About XFitSports (EFS)

EFS Training Science (XFitSports) programs have pioneered in the area of human performance, athlete development, and player development for the last 20 years. The EFS science-based system has equipped thousands of athletes for their sports and the challenges of life. The EFS XAP Protocol system combined with EFS Active Intervention Instruction ergogenicly enhances sports performance, reduces injury risk and builds the confidence of athletes. XFitSports performance systems have been tested and documented to be proven effective more than 10,000 times. Don’t just roll the dice and hope to get better, choose EFS to be your best, and know you’ll improve.

  • Rooted in Science: EFS specializes in human performance for sports and fitness. Our system of training is rooted in science and technical knowledge, and was developed through collaboration with East European sports and speed training experts, such as Dr. Kzrystof Mackala & Dr. Michael Yessis.
  • Sports-focused Training: We have trained literally thousands of athletes of all levels, from youths to professionals. And across all major sports: baseball, football, basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, martial arts, ice hockey, field hockey, and track & field.
  • Athlete Training Equipment: High-tech equipment designed for athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts. Indoor 50-yard elite level running track for year round speed and overall physical training.
  • Detailed Data Tracking: We are constantly testing and collecting athlete performance data. Our systems contain over 10,000 documented improvements, for data and percentile comparisons.

Sport: Baseball Athlete: Eddie Park, US Youth National Team Player, Ranked Top 5 in CA "I ran the fastest 20 yard shuttle run at the baseball national training center in South Carolina, Thank you to EFS!" Sport: Soccer Athlete: Xochi Hunter, San Diego State University "EFS helped me earn a scholarship to San Diego State University. They used a completely different approach than the "endurance" training commonly used for soccer. When I reported for camp my coach said I was a lot more explosive than the other girls. I helped my team win conference championship that season, thank you EFS!" Sport: NFL Football Athlete: Shane Smith, NY Giants "I trained with EFS all summer, and afterward I was offered an NFL contract with the New York Giants Thank you EFS!" Sport: Volleyball Athlete: Christine Alftin, UC Berkeley "EFS helped me record the highest vertical jump on my college team! After training hard with EFS I out-jumped all of my teammates in preseason testing. Thank you EFS!" Sport: Baseball Athlete: John Gavin, Cal State Fullerton "EFS prepared me to me to be a first season starting pitcher at one of the top baseball Universities in the country. Thank you EFS!" Sport: Football Athlete: Jerome Long, NFL Defensive Lineman "EFS helped me run a 4.9 second 40-yard dash at 300 pounds after starting at 5.3 seconds. With EFS I improved my explosiveness, quickness, and lateral movement significantly while still maintaining body mass, which is crucial for NFL players. Thank you EFS!" Sport: Baseball Athlete: Jeff Hardy, University of West Virginia "With EFS I earned a scholarship to University of West Virginia, and with repeated use I became a consistent 90mph pitcher. My little league dream came true, thank you EFS!"