About xFitSports (EFS)

xFitSports (EFS) programs and services have pioneered a new generation of sports and fitness training for almost 20 years. The EFS Science-based System has better equipped thousands of athletes for their sports and the challenges of life. Proven effective, literally ten thousand plus times, The EFS system combined with the EFS Active Intervention Instruction approach builds the confidence of athletes who use it. Choose EFS now to be your best.

The EFS Difference

  • Expertise & Experience: EFS Specializes In Human Performance for Sports and Fitness. We have trained literally thousands of people from youths to professionals.
  • DDT (Detailed Data Tracking): We are constantly testing and collecting athlete performance data. Our systems contain over 10,000 documented improvements, for data and percentile comparisons.
  • Unique Equipment: High-tech equipment designed for athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts. Indoor 50-yard elite level running track for year round speed and overall physical training.

San Francisco Giants second baseman Kevin Frandsen interviewed by Terry Hardtke of Hardtke Baseball Academy. Kevin talks about his training results with EFS.

Proven Results

  • “I’ve seen records broken and champions made because of our training programs. The EFS Long Term Athlete Development approach looks at development from a year round perspective and as a result provides a platform to peak athletes higher, more efficiently, and at the ideal time.”

    Chris Morton, Founder

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