Time Tested

The first Smart Speed program was developed by Chris Morton and Dr. Kzrystoff Mackala and centered around their 8 year collaboration to create the best program for developing speed for sports. They were determined to create a solution for players who needed maximum speed results but had limited time. With his background and education, Dr. Mackala pointed them towards building everything off of an eastern European foundation. The outcome was a uniquely organized (and sometimes extreme) methodology that generated concrete results fast. First tested by the De Anza College baseball team in 1996, this new super approach employed genuine eastern European methodology. Since then thousands of athletes have used EFS Smart Speed training over the last 18 years.

Scientifically Proven

Run faster, get quicker, and jump higher. EFS Smart Speed programs are guaranteed to improve a players testing metrics, which directly impacts them on the court and field. Collegiate soccer player, Vinnie Caolario took 4 tenths off his 40yd dash time to record a blazing 4.5 second time! Archbishop Mitty HS volleyball player, Kelly added 7 inches to her vertical jump in just 5 months! NFL Football player Jerome recorded a  4.9 second forty yard dash time at 300 pounds! College soccer player, Kate added over 40% to her foot quickness and agility. “Speedy” MLB baseball player, Logan Schafer took 3 tenths off his 40 yd dash time to record a blazing 4.43!  We have amassed a database of over 10,000 documented improvements with our Smart Speed programs.

Unique Advantages

When players use EFS Smart Speed programs, they have a statistical advantage over competitors using other approaches. Commonly, users will take 4-6 tenths off their sprint times, improve quickness and agility by 40-50%, and jump 3-7 inches higher. Its not a matter of whether or not you will improve with EFS Smart Speed, the question is – “How much?” If you train at the EFS Sports Performance Center you will also have access to an indoor 50 yard track, very high and comfortable ceilings, very unique sports performance equipment designed specifically for athletes, and a friendly staff that is thoroughly trained to get you results with our system.


EFS Long Term Athlete Development is built on a foundation of science based training, repetition and commitment. By not rushing for quick results, the athlete develops safer, more completely and peaks higher. This is by far the most comprehensive and beneficial way to conduct performance training. Neuromuscular programing and adaptation accumulation take place with this program which lead to athlete transformation and maximum improvement retention. This EFS program can be customized to guide the athlete through nutrition, regeneration, in-season injury prevention, and in-season sport specific performance training as well as off season preparation. Training 1 or 2 times per week will show improvement, and 3-4 times per week achieves faster and more significant improvement.

Training Options

  • Small Group: You join others in a small group of up to 10 participants. Athletes vary in age, but do not compete against one another. Group lessons are taught by one or two instructors. Lessons are available on a pre-set schedule, with 20+ classes to choose from each week. EFS training system protocols are used. Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Private – Genius Trainer: You are trained by a Senior Staff Trainer. Your trainer will use EFS training system protocols. Training is semi-custom to your needs. Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Private – Master Trainer: You are trained by Chris Morton, Founder & Master Developer of the EFS System. EFS training system protocols are used. Training is fully customized to your needs. Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Team Training: Training for sports teams. Improve and bond as team mates. Taught by one or more EFS instructors. Training is customized to the team sport and goals. EFS Training System protocols are used. Each lesson is 1 hour.