Training Science Team Member

We run a performance center in the San Jose/Campbell area. This facility boasts a 50 yard indoor track, unique pneumatically resisted equipment that ergonomically mimics the motions associated with sports. Furthermore, we are partnered with a high-tech sports performance manufacturer who has equipped us in the development of our new MICRO-SPEED™ training protocol.

We are currently looking for dedicated and high-quality candidates to become a paid staff member or an intern.

Here is a brief summary of expectations for all Training Science staff and interns:

  1. Must be on time and punctual.
  2. Must be positive, outgoing and encouraging.
  3. Must be eager to learn and work hard and an applied setting.
  4. Must be a team player, and willing to get better at every opportunity.
  5. Must be a Health related major, or equivalent (Exercise science, health and human performance, etc.)
  6. Most shifts are between four and five hours and take place two or three times per week (Higher performing candidates may be considered for leadership roles and have access to increased work hours).

Please submit your inquiries to the following email address, so they can be processed as soon as possible and your interview can be scheduled. The interview process also involves completing a short questionnaire.