Chris Morton, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Founded EFS in 1996

Because of his intensive backgrounds in both sports science and athletics, Mr. Morton understands the physical, social, and emotional demands that athletes and active individuals confront (throughout their lives). He also understands the kinesiology of sports, which has lead to him developing proven solutions that result in enhanced sport performance. Mr Morton specializes in neuromuscular coordination development, periodized training, speed and strength resistance training and is the primary developer of The proven effective EFS Training System (used by thousands of athletes from youth level up to professional).

Mr. Morton was also the Fitness & Sports Conditioning Specialist for Professional Club Management (PCM), Ronnie Lott’s Club Fitness, and Royal Courts Club Fitness. As their Fitness & Sport Conditioning Specialist, Mr. Morton educated and trained a staff of approximately 30 fitness trainers. He instructed them in such areas as program design, strength and physiological testing, and nutrition consulting and assessment. Mr. Morton also presented continuing education seminars for all of the fitness staff.

Now, with his efforts focused solely on EFS, Chris Morton has developed The EFS Training System as well as the EFS sports strength program protocols. EFS has also expanded to offer speed & conditioning camps, and programs to youth sports athletes, teams, and elementary schools (EFS Youth Sports).

EFS effectively trains athletes of all ages and levels: youth sports, high school, college, and professional. EFS also effectively trains athletes of almost all major sports in the Western Hemisphere: baseball, football, basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, martial arts, ice hockey, field hockey, track & field, etc. Over the last 10 years, EFS has been able to earn the trust of thousands of athletes (as well as numerous coaches) to help prepare them, or their teams for their sport.

Mr. Morton received his higher education from Oregon state University and The University of Montana, earning his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Montana’s Health and Human Performance department with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Studies. He also has two certificate degrees: one as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (a primary requirement for a University-level strength & conditioning coach), and the other in Personal Training from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). The NSCA is one of the most highly regarded strength and conditioning certification boards in the country.

While at the University of Montana, Mr. Morton studied and trained under internationally known East European sprint coach, kinesiology expert & author Dr. Krzysztof Mackala. Dr. Mackala and Mr. Morton collaborated on a speed & quickness video encyclopedia which was later used to create the Advanced Jumpsole Training program for JumpUSA, makers of the Jumpsoles. Dr. Mackala also worked with Mr Morton in the early stages of developing The EFS Training System.

In 1993, as a sophomore Mr. Morton was ranked “The 17th Best Fullback in the Nation”, just behind Jerome Bettis and alongside others such as William Floyd, Lorenzo Neal, etc… by Lindy’s PAC-10 magazine while he was the starting fullback at Oregon State University.

Chris Morton was later a contributing member of the 1995 National Champion University of Montana Grizzlies football team.

Terry Wilson, Technical Director for Soccer Training

EFS partner and in-house Technical Director, Terry Wilson oversees and consults on EFS soccer specific programs. Terry is also CEO of TSI (Total Soccer Institute), and has a wealth of knowledge and experience having both played and coached at English Premier League level. Terry also conducts technical soccer training classes at EFS sports performance.

Terry’s playing career saw him as an integral member of a very successful Nottingham Forest side in the late 1980’s through early 1990’s managed by the legendary Brian Clough. Terry also represented his country, Scotland, and was involved with the national team programs from the age of 14 years until injury forced him to retire from playing.

Terry has dedicated his coaching career to the development of the advanced youth player and has held a National Youth License Diploma for over 10 years. He also holds a UEFA ‘A’ License Diploma. Some positions that Terry has held in the professional ranks of the game in the United Kingdom are: Academy Head Coach, Sunderland AFC – English Premier League; Community Education Youth Coach, Hearts FC – Scottish Premier League. In the United States, he has coached at the club, high school and college ranks of the game. I have helped in the development of players who have played at World Cup Finals, Champions’ League, NCAA Finals.

Technical Qualifications

  • UEFA ‘A’ License Diploma
  • UEFA/SFA ‘YOUTH’ License Diploma
  • UEFA ‘B’ License Diploma
  • NSCAA ‘PREMIER’ License Diploma
  • NSCAA ‘Advanced National’ License Diploma
  • NSCAA ‘Director of Coaching’ License Diploma


  • English Premier League Player
  • English Premier League Coach
  • Scottish Premier League Coach
  • 2 x 3rd Place Finish in English Premier League
  • 2 x English League Cup Winner
  • FA Cup Finalist
  • 2 x FA Cup Semi Finalist
  • 2 x PFA Young Player of the Year Runner Up
  • Scottish National Team Player