Programs & Training

What is LTAD and HPIP?

Long-term athlete development is a comprehensive training approach that accumulates momentum through HPIP techniniqees. High-performance and injury prevention his key to the long-term development of high-level athletes. Every EFS protocol is made up of multiple training modules (such as flexibility, reflex speed, MicroSpeed, lateral movement, Strength etc…). The goal is to safely take the athlete through a Recovery Endocrine Cycle- REC. With the repetition of key principles through our time-tested training modules the athlete experiences multiple REC’s per week and even per day in some cases. The goal is high-performance and injury prevention. EFS athletes who have gone through our LTAD and HPIP programs have been completely transformed. Most train for 2 to 4 times per week for six or more months.

How do I register for LTAD or HPIP and how does this work?

LTAD athletes usually train for up to two, three to four times per week in private or semi private settings. LTAD athletes also receive guidance and access to sessions in nutrition, recovery, flexibility and injury prevention. LTAD athletes have access to all EFS resources and programs based proven methodology, and technology. Programs and modules can be adjusted to adapt to the athletes most immediate needs, as they develop. Contact us directly here and we can help you get started on complete athlete transformation through our time tested LTAD programs.

How many times per week should I train?

You will see measurable results if you train one time per week. You will see faster and more significant results if you train two times per week. Training three, four or five times per week will greatly increase speed and the amount of improvement. Logan Schafer (MLB), of the Minnesota Twins was named player of the year early on in his minor league debut, after training five times per week with EFS. Two times per week is most popular for most EFS athletes.

How long should I train for?

This depends on what you are preparing for and how much time you have to prepare. You will see quick results and measurable results after one month. You will see more significant results, and greater retention after three months. Long-Term Athlete Development (EFS-LTAD) is the way to go if you want to completely transform an athlete.

What's the difference between Elite Training(ET) and Small Group(SG) Training?

Elite Training is semi-private/private and generates the fastest and most significant gains by utilizing Neuro-cognitive, Strength, PSP (Proprioceptive Stretching Protocol), and more advanced equipment than regular Small Group (SG) training sessions. Sessions are 45-60 min and share some common training modules with SG training (such as quickness, biomechanics and plyometrics), but unlike SG training includes the MOST ADVANCED equipment and techniques that help athletes to maximize their gains in as little time as possible.

Both training methods are guaranteed to provide a thorough workout.

Payments & Refunds

Is there an initiation (startup) fee?

Yes, all new participants need to pay this fee which helps cover the cost of equipment, maintenance, profile generation etc. This fee is usually $50, but maybe more depending on the program.

Is there an immediate sign up discount?

Yes, If you will sign up the same day as your email inquiry, we will often waive the initiation fee (usually a $50 value), AND apply an additional $75-$100 immediate sign up discount (total value of $125-$150). Or if you sign up the same day as your trial lesson, we will often waive the initiation fee (usually a $50 value).

Can I reserve a program and or make a payment conveniently on your site?

Yes, here is the link to our “secure pay” online payment page (enter payment description/program info, and any approved discounts in the appropriate field). After completed your receipt will conveniently be emailed to you. Secure pay link:

Can I help myself and sign up for a program from your online store?

Yes, you can browse through the programs and help yourself to the various lesson packs here:

How long is my lesson pack good for?

Lesson packs are good for six months and expire after. This includes up to 10, 20 and 36 pack lesson programs. In almost all cases this is ample time to complete lesson packs of this size. Larger lesson packs such is 50, 60 and LTAD-long-term athlete development programs have expiration dates of one year or more.

Are Refunds available?

We do not offer cash refunds. Over the last 20 years we have had very few requests for refunds and the rare occasions have usually been related to a sickness or factor outside of our control. As a policy we do not offer refunds, as the vast majority of athletes use their lessons or services due to our extended the expiration allowance.

If my program is expired can I receive any credit toward a new program or renewal?

We sometimes allow for partial credit for expired lessons if an athlete renews or signs up for a new program. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Scheduling & Appointments

Can I adjust or change my training schedule for Elite training or small group lessons?

Yes, we ask for at least a 24 hour notice to reschedule. Though earlier notice is helpful.

If I miss a paired or "private group" lesson can I make it up?

If an athlete misses a “paired” or multiple athlete ET lesson (but the lesson still takes place with some of their training partners), they are allowed a make up work out in an EFS small group class. But this must take place within two weeks after missing the initially scheduled paired or private group lesson. After that the make up option expires.

If I miss a small group lesson can I make it up?

Yes, you can make up missed a small group lessons over the duration of your program, which usually allows for six months to complete them. However, we do ask for confirmation or notice before attending a class or lesson time to confirm availability and or space in that class time.

No Turn Away Policy

Occasionally athletes will accidentally show up at the same time or a trainer may be sick and not able to attend a session. As a policy we usually do not turn away individuals who show up to train. We have a facility that is extensively equipped to train multiple athletes in multiple areas often simultaneously. There are self paced options and unique equipment that we have access to that we can utilize under such circumstances so that everyone experiences a challenging and beneficial work out. If an ET athlete is not satisfied with his or her work out negatively the ET athlete will only be charged a half lesson. The other option is we can train a ET athlete longer for that day if that is needed and is sufficient for the individual. If we deem necessary we will reschedule a lesson for a make up.