Time Tested

With his eastern European background and education, Dr. Mackala’s influence and innovative approach analyzed some of the finest details regarding strength training for sports. The first Smart Strength program began as a collaboration between Chris Morton and Dr. Kzrystoff Mackala to equip athletes to be their best on the field and prevent injury. As part of their 8-year collaboration, Chris Morton and Dr. Mackala experimented and eventually solidified the roots of one of the most effective and thorough strength training approaches available to athletes today. Likening the body to a chain, EFS Smart Strength targets and almost always eliminates an athletes weak links. Built right into the human body is the power to heal itself from all kinds of injuries and chronic pain. Unlocking that potential is what EFS Smart Strength does. For over 10 years now EFS Smart Strength athletes have been recovering faster from injury, aches, and pains. EFS Smart Strength athletes also jump higher and run faster. The outcome is a uniquely organized methodology that generates concrete results and has helped thousands of athletes from youth to pro level.

“All together we have amassed a database of thousands of documented improvements with our Smart Strength and Smart Speed programs.”

Chris Morton, EFS Founder

Scientifically Proven

EFS Smart Strength programs are guaranteed to improve a players strength metrics, which directly impact their performance on the court and field. While using Smart Strength, college baseball player Patrick added 60 pounds to his power clean and 110 pounds to his squat, as a result he added 4mph to his fastball – from 83-87mph. College football player Shane, added 30 pounds to his power clean and recorded a peak 310 pound power clean, while he simultaneously took 2 tenths off his 20-yd dash. College volleyball player Victoria used EFS Smart Strength and increased her vertical jump, her 1st step speed, and became more injury resistant. High school baseball player EJ took an amazing 8 tenths off his 40 yard dash: going from 6.4 before, to 5.51 after. He also added 3 inches to his vertical jump while on EFS Smart Strength. His home to first base speed impact was like night and day.

Unique Advantages

When players use EFS Smart Strength programs, they have a statistical advantage over competitors using other approaches. Users usually improve strength by 50-100% targeting key leverage joints in the body. It’s not a matter of whether or not you will improve with EFS Smart Strength, the question is “How much?” If you train at the EFS Sports Performance Center you will also have access to our unique pneumatic resistance strength equipment (designed for athletes), very high and comfortable ceilings, other very unique sports performance equipment designed specifically for athletes, and a friendly staff that is thoroughly trained to get you results with our system.


EFS Long Term Athlete Development is built on a foundation of science based training, repetition, and commitment. By not rushing for quick results, the athlete develops safer, more completely, and peaks higher. This is by far the most comprehensive and beneficial way to conduct performance training. Neuromuscular programing and adaptation accumulation take place with this program which lead to athlete transformation and maximum improvement retention. This EFS program can be customized to guide the athlete through nutrition, regeneration, in-season injury prevention, and in-season sport specific performance training as well as off season preparation. Volume discounts and payment plans are available for this increasingly popular selection to maximize an athlete’s development.

Training Options

  • Private – Genius Trainer: You are trained by a Senior Staff Trainer. Your trainer will use EFS training system protocols. Training is semi-custom to your needs. Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Private – Master Trainer: You are trained by Chris Morton, Founder & Master Developer of the EFS System. EFS training system protocols are used. Training is fully customized to your needs. Each lesson is 1 hour.
  • Team Training: Training for sports teams. Improve and bond as team mates. Taught by one or more EFS instructors. Training is customized to the team sport and goals. EFS Training System protocols are used. Each lesson is 1 hour.