• Make quantum leap games and speed by neurologically training at 93-100% of your maximum potential.
  • Train while your muscles are contracting at 245 times per second neurologically, forcing the nervous system to send increased nutritional fuel, blood flow and stimulation to the muscle fibers.
  • Increase your flexibility and create the muscle memory to retain it.
  • Train with the exact same technology and protocols that are used to dramatically elevate speed for NFL combine and preseason players.
  • We can train your nervous system to allow your skeletal muscle systems to reach peak levels of performance that traditional training could never create.
  • Neurologically train your muscles to dramatically increase force absorption by 10 times its normal level. This creates a huge increase in explosiveness and greatly decreases risk of injury and pain.
  • This is the only system they can train your antagonist and agonist muscles simultaneously.
  • By training neurologically, you can reach peak levels of speed physiologically in very rapid time.

Adam Archuleta

After using this system NFL player Adam Archuleta went from 175 pounds to 211 pounds, he ran a 4.4 forty yard dash and recorded a 39 inch vertical jump. Furthermore, he bench-pressed 225 pounds 31 times to set the NFL combine record for safeties. His combine performance ranks #5 in the top NFL combine performances of all time.

What separates POV Neuro speed training from other approaches

With this patented technology and proprietary training protocols your nervous system will be receiving stimulus at up to 245 times per second. Due to the high intensity of this type of training on the POV, classes are only 15 to 20 minutes long. One 15 to 20 minute class equates to an hour plus of traditional speed training. This training is for the committed athlete who is determined to reach their peak performance potential.

All the speed training in the world is useless unless your nervous system is fully stimulated and working efficiently. There is a reason why the worlds most elite professional athletes trust their multimillion dollar careers to this performance technology… because it works. Period.