Soccer Skills Training

EFS soccer skills training is more than just a practice. It is a detailed approach to enhancing athleticism, soccer based skills, reducing injury risk and accelerating player development.

As great as team practices are, there is simply no way a coach can individualize and give specific attention to one single player. Developmental gaps, can only be filled in through individualized (or small group) training. This enables player development to better thrive during team training sessions. EFS also applies it’s time tested sports performance approach to skills-based training. This adds a scientific boost to player development.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Technical proficiency with the ball.
  • EFS Proprio-kinetics™ for injury prevention and performance enhancement.
  • EFS XAP Protocol™ for maximizing applied quickness and bioenergetic speed.
  • EFS PNF assisted flexibility for pre-and post workout preparation, injury prevention, recovery and treatment.
  • EFS MicroSpeed Protocol™ for creating learned reflexes, and enhancing peripheral vision.

Developed in conjunction with Neuromotor Learning Specialist, Chris Morton and Brazilian Eye Surgeon Dr. Carvalho. This training approach enhances peripheral vision, by widening the field of vision and increasing the speed that we perceive information. Furthermore, our multi step approach creates learned reflexes. Similar to inborn reflexes, our reflex molding enables athletes to execute soccer relevant movements at significantly faster speeds.

Sidney Miranda, Fluminense Football Club player (Flamingo) and Director of Soccer Skill Development at EFS.

Sidney, Dr. Carvalho and Chris Morton working on the MicroSpeed Protocol™