The San Jose Earthquakes MLS team’s youth club and academy program have partnered with EFS and Chris Morton to create the official “Quakes Speed School”. Unmatched in terms of results and experience, time tested EFS protocols have helped youth, college & pro-level athletes take up to 4 tenths off their times. Our 50yd “Mondo-style” indoor track helps us deliver our XAP speed programs and results. This is a must for any long term player development plan in the modern era. Lay a solid foundation for the future, increase confidence, transform athlete development, don’t miss out, reserve your spot!

  • Dates: June 5, June 12, June 19, June 26, July 10, July 17. Free makeups during EFS small group speed classes up to one month after the date missed.
  • Times: 3pm (ages 8-11), 4pm (ages 12-14), 5pm (ages 15 and older). Friends and family welcome. This is when recovery, rebuilding and neuromuscular recalibration are key. We will stretch, loosen up, and strengthen.
  • Location: At EFS Sports Performance Facility (1600 Dell Ave, Suite C. Campbell, Ca. 95008), or at Earthquakes youth club fields (as a backup, upon notice).
  • Price: $200 for 6 sessions.

Scientific Benefits

Through effective training a young athlete’s nervous system and muscle fibers take on “fast twitch” characteristics. When built correctly and repeated, this transforms development, laying a foundation for rest of their life. Our Smart Speed and XAP Protocol systems have documented over 10,000 athlete improvements resulting from effective sports performance training.

Players will be trained using the proven effective XAP Protocol in areas such as foot quickness, agility, running mechanics, plyometrics, acceleration, leg and knee strength and anaerobic endurance. Training will take place at EFS training facility or on the field (or combination of both). This is an in season and off season program. Effective running mechanics, injury prevention and fast twitch fiber recruitment is a year round endeavor.

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Chris Morton

Quakes Youth Club / Academy Speed & Strength Coach

My staff and I have worked with thousands of soccer players over the years from youth to college, to professional. EFS innovations include: The Smart Speed XAP Protocol, Micro-Speed Sports Reflex Training, Proprio-kinetics, Extensor-Flexor Balance Training and Smart Strength.

These tools have helped athletes develop at the pace needed for sports in the modern era. Most of our athletes add 10-30% to their foot quickness & agility and take 1-4 tenths off their speed times. When athletes improve & elevate their level, they become more confident and injury resistant.

Ian Russell

Quakes 1st team Assistant Coach

“I know first hand how important speed and strength training have become in soccer. Most pro clubs in the world have a dedicated speed and strength coach that work with the pro team as well as the youth club. It’s very simple getting faster and stronger will make you better. Our Earthquakes youth players will see a great benefit at EFS.”

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