Summer Camp Special Expires Soon

2018/06/18 12:00:48

Registration Instructions

To reserve a camp discount, use the “Reserve a Discount” form BELOW. For time sensitive price offers complete this form promptly and accurately to ensure the discounted price is reserved before it expires. 
As the form states enter in the: 
  • “Dollar Amount” (APPROVED DISCOUNT PRICE),
  • “Program Code or Program Description” (ex: July 9th-13 Camp, or ET 20 Pack, etc…),
  • “Discount Code” (if a code was given, if not leave blank).
  • “Cardholders Email”. You’ll be emailed a receipt / confirmation after form is completed.
  • “Athlete’s Name” (first and last).

Note: Your space will be reserved immediately after this reg. form is completed. May take 12-24 hours for additional processing. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us here:

Current Offer Expiring Soon!

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ATTENTION NEW USERS ONLY: After completing the registration form above, all new users are required to click here and complete the EFS Waiver & Terms of Service form. If you have already completed this form in the past, disregard this last step. Thank you, and have a great day!- EFS Staff