Baseball Specific Elite Training, 'Bring a Buddy' - 3 People



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Baseball Specific Elite Training (BSET) is semi-private and generates the fastest and most significant gains for maximizing baseball player development by utilizing XAP Smart Speed, XAP Smart Strength for Baseball, and EFS Microspeed (Neuro-cognitive, Vision and Reaction training), This program uses more advanced equipment than regular Small Group (SG) training sessions. Sessions are usually 60min, but can go up to 90min when ready and or/ requested by the user.

Baseball Specific Elite Training (BSET) shares some common training modules with SG training (such as quickness, biomechanics and plyometrics), but unlike SG training includes the MOST ADVANCED equipment and techniques in our arsenal to help help athletes to maximize their gains in as little time as possible. Baseball Specific Elite Training (BSET) can target hip and rotational power for maximizing bat swing and speed, and decelerator strength for protecting the arms and shoulders, and acceleration speed for faster home to 1st speed and stealing bases, as well as hand speed and vision for reducing errors and injury risk.

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