Micro-Speed™ Elite Training, Semi-Private, 1 Person



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Micro-Speed™ Elite Training semi-private sessions are neurocognitive in that they bridge the gap between mental, physical and the nervous system. Athletes not only improve their muscle speed and coordination but also improve their decision-making while under stress. A faster thinking and faster reacting athlete tends to make better decisions under pressure. More specifically Micro-Speed™ Elite Training will train peripheral vision, reaction speed, balance and help athletes improve and even develop new learned reflexes. 

Like all of our elite training programs, users also will also receive access to our Smart Speed and Smart Strength modules during sessions. Training emphasis can be adjusted within the scope of these 3 training areas, as they all contribute towards and assist in the athletes neurocognitive and physical development.

Sport specificity is an option when appropriate for the athlete. For example, we have specific equipment and adjustments for soccer players, as well as for baseball, basketball and volleyball players, and multiple other sports as well. 

Micro-Speed™ Elite Training can transform an athlete and help them to become their best, especially when used as an LTAD long-term athlete development program.

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