Technik Fabrik translates as Technique Factory. This new program will take your player to a new level, and quickly. The Technik Fabrik program utilizes a brain-based learning method and constantly challenges the player cognitively. The program uses a number of exercises, techniques and activities to challenge the mind.

Technik Fabrik is highly technical in nature, and through applying a variety of skill exercises, players are challenged, physically, technically, and mentally. Players will be engaged in exercises to develop focus and concentration, multitasking exercises to develop speed and reactiveness, overload activities to enhance attentiveness and awareness.

Technik Fabrik, has been designed and created by Terry Wilson, Total Soccer institute’s Technical Director and has 4 different components to it that constantly challenge and develop the players’ technical and cognitive skills.

Total Soccer institute is an EFS Partner, and oversees and consults on EFS soccer specific programs.

Technik Fabrik is held at EFS every Sunday from 6:00-7:00pm.

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