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Weekly & Monthly Training Programs (All Ages)

Concentrated Strength & Conditioning

Complete Strength & Conditioning (1 Week Blocks & 2 Hour Sessions)

2 Hour Training Camp Style Sessions- Sold in 1 Week Blocks. Choose your weekly frequency (3, 4, or up to 5 x in a week). Semi-private. 

    Sample session: Speed & Conditioning- Trail and/or indoors (60min), XAP™ Strength (45min), Stretching and or Micro-speed™ (15min). asterisk Session structure may change as needed.

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    9 Weeks to Get Better This Summer- (Starting June 11, 2018)

    Weeks and session times available for this program are listed here. Select and email us your week and session time (‘s) of choice here:

    Week 1:  June 11-15 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    Week 2:  June 18-22 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    Week 3:  June 25-29 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    Week 4:  July 9-13 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    Week 5:  July 16-20 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    Week 6:  July 23-27 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    Week 7:  July 30-Aug 3 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    Week 8:  Aug 6-10 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    Week 9:  Aug 13-17 Mon-Fri (10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, or 330pm-530pm)

    asterisk Note: A minimum 24hr notice is required to schedule and / or reschedule your training days and times. There is a 3 month expiration on all Strength and Conditioning Training Camp Programs after the time of purchase.


    EFS Summer Schedule 2018: June 11th- August 17th


    Mornings: 10am-11am, 11am-12pm, 12pm-1pm

    Afternoons and Evening: 330-430pm, 4pm-5pm, 430pm-530pm, 5pm-6pm, 530pm-630pm, 6pm-7pm, 630pm-730pm.


    Mornings & Afternnoon: 10am-11am, 11am-12pm, 12pm-1pm, 1pm-2pm.

    asterisk NOTE: Your program or lesson must be scheduled and confirmed at least 24hrs prior to attending. Drop-ins are welcome if a class is going on. However, please confirm a class is going on.

    Methods of Confirmation:

    1. EFS Zen Planner online scheduler (this is the required way to schedule for regular lesson packs). Ask us to add you, if you have not been added.

    2. Booking and confirmation by email:

    3. In person booking.

    4. Booking and confirmation by phone: 408-370-9980.